Tales From the Changing Room 2

You may be pleased to know that my sartorial problem may be solved. The wonderful Anne Stewart, dress-alterer extrodinaire, is going to let out Granny’s dress. Granny, too, was a big woman – although not quite as large as me. However, her dress maker was generous with the seams. It a 1930s number in black velvet with  three- quarter sleeves, a modest decolletage and a wonderful rustly taffeta petticoat. It goes nicely with the real bit of bling which also belonged to Granny and I have ordered velvet pumps from Landsend which I hope will be as comfortable as bedroom slippers. Dominatrix gloves will not be required. Something half way to the elbow should be sufficient.

Why didn’t I think of this before I wasted hours damaging my self esteem in emporia on Princes St?

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  1. Morag Russell

    Photos when the time comes, please!!!

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