First Minister a Bully? Health Minister Has a Secret?

A power-crazed bullying First Minister with a cyber army! A Scottish Government minister with a big secret and exponential family problems! No,contrary to what you may think, these are not headlines about Mr Salmond and his motley crew, this FM is female and it is all fiction!  Today is paperback day! The Trouble With Keeping Mum is now published in its smaller, cheaper and hopefully, mass-market form. A truly wonderful Christmas gift available for download and from all good bookshops.


To me, the publication of a hardback is like the birth of a child while the publication of the paperback is the sending-off to school. We wave goodbye at the school gate, hoping our offspring will be an academic and social success. So too, with a paperback launch, one’s literary effort is out there to become top of the class, to sit somewhere near the middle or, heaven-forbid, to be remaindered.

Part of the secret of success is publicity. Reviews are outwith my control, but blogging, tweeting, Facebook and cold-calling bookshops are my responsibility. Well, this is the blog; @WallaceRosie for tweets (@MintyOliver – The old lady from the novels); Facebook is Rosie Wallace.  The bookshop bit is daunting, especially for someone with no sales experience, but offering to come and sign copies has been more productive than I could have hoped. Next week is Edinburgh ( Blackwells, Edinburgh Bookshop, Waterstones) and then back to my roots in Milngavie.

Last week, was Book Week Scotland and that gave me some publicity too.  Libraries all over Scotland hosted author events, so, now  some people in Dalgety Bay have heard of me and the good people of Orkney heard of me, yet again. Next week London and apart from my date at the Palace, I am speaking to the Friends of Durning Library in SE11 and popping into the Kennington bookshop.

It would be wonderful to go into immediate reprint, sell the film rights and never travel Economy again.  However, the first novel, A Small Town Affair, grossed enough to pay for a sit on lawnmower (reduced  in a sale ), a couple of dresses and €6.40 form Irish Public Libraries. Perhaps this one might pay for  someone other than me to sit on the lawnmower  and I await the earnings from British Libraries with mounting excitement.

So, dear readers, if you are minded, please share the news of the paperback in coffee shops, round dinner tables and on whatever social media or book review site you choose and I will do the same for you one day. Thank you.

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  1. Congratulations, Rosie!

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