Today The Show Moves To Edinburgh

Today, I am moved to do housework. Those who know me well, will realise this is unusual. I normally have a high tolerance of dust, crumbs and toothpaste-encrusted basins, but today is the  Edinburgh launch of THE TROUBLE WITH KEEPING MUM and I am nervous – hence the displacement activity.

It’s not actually the occasion itself that bothers me. It is a show at which I am in control of what I will say; what I will read. The loss of control comes with the fact that more people will buy it and hopefully even read it. Then they either tell their friends its rubbish or that they should go and BUY it. (NB telling an author you lent your copy to 10 friends who all loved it, may raise the ego slightly, but it does nothing for the royalties) Judgement Day approaches.

 John Knox is on my shoulder again, warning me not to get bigsy ( a good Orkney word meaning  ‘I kent your faither’)while my personal neuro-linguistic programming is telling me to believe in myself and I will succeed. So, If you live in or near Edinburgh, please drop by Blackwells Bookshop  on South Bridge at 6.30pm for a glass of wine and  the chance to buy a signed copy.  Come and see whether or not I have been successful in sending  Rev Knox  back to his plinth at the Assembly Building.  
In the meantime, I shall don the marigolds, clean lavatories with unaccustomed vigour and watch the Olympic dressage when I need a break. My nerves must be trivial compared to these riders. On the other hand, I can’t blame the horse.


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  1. sharron-charles

    Perhaps a walk in the sun would help when the cleaning gets too much!!!

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