London Invitations

The last fortnight has been busy literary-wise. Book Week Scotland saw me in Dalgety Bay Library on a panel about how to get published, then I was back home for a talk in Orkney Library and last week was publication day for the paperback of The Trouble With Keeping Mum. There was much facebooking, tweeting and blogging to try to spread the word and thanks to those who re-tweeted or shared.

Last night was my first literary foray south of the border. The Durning Library in London’s Kennington is a Grade ll listed building – a mock Gothic gem amongst its not-so-special neighbours – and I had been invited to speak the the Friends of Durning Library at their Christmas event. For me, this was not only self-promotion, it was meet the neighbours. We have had a London base round the corner for many years but knew no-one. Now a trip to the Kennington bookshop will be like a walk down Kirkwall’s Albert St as I greet the familiair faces.


In the course of the evening, I asked the questionI have been wanting to ask an English audience. For my third novel, I have been advised to set the story south of the border as novels set north of Gretna Green are thought to be about romances in the heather by those who live south of Gretna Green. When I asked if this was the case, there were a lot of nods… so perhaps the Corrachan sequel is not to be;  or not yet anyway.  If I am following the principle of write-about-what-you-know perhaps I will set it in Kennington then move as far south as one can get – New Zealand.

For those who have read earlier posts, Tonight is the Night! The dress is altered, the reinforced underwear is laid out beside the kinky black satin gloves and the bling is polished. Car to the Palace at 7.45pm and evidently we do get something to eat! Start at the outside with the cutlery and no elbows on the table. Watch this space for tomorrow’s update and pictures!


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