Keeping Mum and other Troubles

Less than a week now until opening night and I am managing the Orkney production from a distance. The launch of the The Trouble with Keeping Mum is next Thursday, and I am, at present, keeping Mum in Dumfriesshire. Not my Mum – I am an orphan – but my mother-in-law, who has had a recent hip operation and is less than mobile. As a respite carer for six days, while  brother in law and his spouse have absconded to Cyprus, I make soup for the freezer and insist that the dishwasher will be used. I have not come all this way to unnecessarily wash dishes.
I chop vegetables, barefoot and clad in thin t shirt, on account of the central heating being at high, and I worry.  There was some consolation, yesterday to learn that two copies have arrived at my Orkney home. So it has been printed then. Other questions, however, remain unanswered. Will those despatching the Orkney copies know that guaranteed 24 hour delivery usually means 3 days  and can mean up to 5 if you get the boats ‘wrong’ and miss a sailing? Will there be enough copies? (Waterstones ran out for the Edinburgh launch of A Small Town Affair)  Perhaps everyone is waiting for the paperback and there will be too many!
As I listen to the TV at high volume with accompanying subtitles, I reassure myself that the stage management of the Orkney production is firmly under my control. I have ordered wine. I have booked the venue. I have arranged friends to refill glasses and deal with the empties. I have a pen. Edinburgh, however, is a different matter. The only thing under my control is the audience. At least they might be friendly. In the meantime though, I shall concentrate on the matter in hand. Keeping Mum (and Dad and Auntie) really isn’t a problem. There is appreciation and there is the disabled parking badge. Auntie and I are off to park on a yellow line outside Marks and Spencer in Carlisle while we buy pop socks, ready meals, and anti-depressants from the Marlborough Region of New Zealand and perhaps something red too!
So, Orkney residents and visitors, if you are free, please come along to the St Magnus Centre in Kirkwall for 7.00pm on Thursday 26th where you will be offered  a glass of anti-depressant and the chance to purchase and autographed copy of  The Trouble With Keeping Mum, (Providing the books have arrived, that is!)  Hope to see you there!


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3 responses to “Keeping Mum and other Troubles

  1. Gill Johnston

    Great news Rosie – sadly not in Orkney for launch – what about Aberdeen – must we just trudge to Waterstone’s with no NZ anti-depressant? Kim will be with us in Aberdeen that weekend but I shall be up for County Show – will buy a copy then at Orcadian! Good luck with it all – Gill x

  2. Mora

    Won’t make the Kirkwall launch, as Audrey is going to be here and so the decisions made – I’m going to Pamela Gaulls launch instead on the 27th – what an embarrassment of riches, 2 book launches on the same date! All the luck in the world, I’m sure it’ll go well. I particularly like the sound of the high quality anti-depressants! Will get a signature when I come up in August.

  3. Katy Firth

    Hi Rosie,
    Good luck for the launch!! Although during our many tea time conversations focused on alcohol I remember Mum reiterating that alcohol was a depressant!!! This evidently doesn’t seem to perturb me!


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